Products that contain titanium dioxide.

Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral compound which has been extensively tested for safety and lack of toxicity. It is approved for use in foods, drugs and cosmetics. It is an opacifying agent which helps keep light from entering the delicate contents in the softgels. Titanium dioxide is also used as a sunscreen in several cosmetic/topical products.

Titanium dioxide is an approved, (by the FDA), food additive subject to a maximum of 0.5% of the food. If one were to consume 4 ounces (120 grams) of a food containing 0.5% titanium dioxide one would ingest 750 mg of titanium dioxide — 8 ounces would contain 1500 mg etc. Compared to this, the softgels contain only a few mg in each. A very safe level indeed!

The level of titanium dioxide in the gelatin shell that encloses the CoQ10 liquid is less than 2 mg. It is totally and completely safe in our products. Note: there is no titanium dioxide in CoQ10.

Some marketers conveniently omit listing titanium dioxide on their labels. We list ALL ingredients. You can trust our labels and more importantly, you can trust that you are receiving ALL the ingredients specified on the label and in the amount specified.

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